This may be one of the most beautiful places I hae seen, yet I think it is overlooked by most. To make this photo even more special, it was taken with a 35mm 🙂 I happen to love love love film!! Most of my absolute favorite photo’s came from this 35….


12 comments on “Serenity”

  1. I love this. You have a really good eye for lines and structures and shapes, Juanita! 🙂

  2. I like the little bird sitting in the fence.

  3. I love this!!! You’re amazing and am super jealous that you take awesome pics and I don’t 😦 I need this on my wall along with the train tracks

    • It’s not just about taking pictures for me.. It’s about saving memories and allowing people to see what I see.. Don’t be jealous, it’s not always a good thing.. everything I look at I think about how to arrange it or myself to make a good photo!! In doing so, I sometimes miss other things or pick things apart to the point I lose the natural beauty!! I think this will be one of the photo’s I put for sale at the store 🙂 I really really like it!!

  4. Great picture 🙂

  5. Beautiful! Love the contrasts and colour tone too.

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